Amalgamations (Sometimes called Consolidation of Lots)

Amalgamations or lot consolidations, are the joining together of two or more abutting lots into one parcel. Under some circumstances Amalgamations can be prepared without survey on the basis that no new boundaries are being created and these boundaries have been surveyed in earlier plans. We accept the dimensions of the two or more parcels from existing plan information. In some instances a survey may be necessary to clarify boundaries established from different surveys.

Council approval is not required for an amalgamation in Queensland.

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Compiled Plans and Boundaries

Similarly Compiled Plans or parts of surveyed lots can be prepared from existing survey information without survey. This has the advantage of not having to survey all of the original lot as in excising a small lot from a much larger rural parcel. Although the unsurveyed boundaries are identified as compiled from existing survey information and that these boundaries have been surveyed in those earlier plans, all requirements of a normal subdivision apply.

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