What is an Identification Survey?

An identification survey is a survey to position and mark title boundaries At Law in accordance with the Survey and Mapping Infrastructure Act 2003 and associated Regulations.

Service Includes:

  • Determine the position of the title boundaries by survey relative to existing fences and features.
  • Mark the corner or boundary line.
  • Identify any matters or issues such as encroachments that may affect the boundary.
  • Prepare a Plan of Identification Survey and lodge the plan at the Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy for Survey Information.
  • Provide copy of plan for client records.
  • Advise on any matters or issues arising from the survey and your rights.

When to request an Identification Survey:

  • Verifying boundaries when buying or selling property.
  • Prior to set-out of works in particular for the construction of buildings, fences or retaining walls on or near a boundary.
  • Fencing or boundary position disputes with neighbours.

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