What is Land Subdivision?

A subdivision of land, often called a reconfiguration of a lot, can apply to 2 lot subdivision of vacant land to multi-staged Greenfield estates.

A Standard Format Plan (SFP) is for land subdivision. If common property is also in the development, it requires the creation of a body corporate. For example; a townhouse development may have yards included in the lots, but common property over the balance of the land. In this instance, an SFP can be undertaken with body corporate.

See also: Building Format Plans (BFP) and exclusive use areas; subdivision of buildings

Development Approval:

All subdivision of this nature requires a Development Approval (DA) from Council. A development application made under the Planning Act 2016 is required for:

  • Reconfiguring a lot (i.e. a subdivision)
  • Building work
  • Plumbing or drainage work
  • Operational work
  • Changing the use of the premises (i.e. starting a new use or changing the intensity or scale of an existing use)

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