Contours, Levels & Detail Survey

Levels are typically related to the Australian Height Datum (AHD) using Registered State maintained Permanent Survey Marks (PSM) or held to a local site specific datum. We will always leave a site Bench Mark for the builders or works contractors for reference and set-out purposes relating to the height Datum used. This survey is often done in conjunction with an Identification Survey, but is not always required.

Our survey is typically conducted using equipment such as a Robotic Total Station or in some instances GPS; we will locate all necessary details specified in the scope of works and reduce the stored information with survey specific and AutoCAD software. Additionally we may produce a Digital Terrain Model (DTM) for the purposes of contouring the land and providing a DTM triangle file to your Engineer or Architect for detailed design. In all instances we will provide a survey plan in PDF or AutoCAD digital format in 2D or 3D as required.

Survey to locate levels and details subject to the client or consultants site specific needs or Scope of Works:

  • Existing buildings, land features on site and the adjoining properties or roads
  • Visible above ground services (Underground services can be plotted from existing records or by potholing or underground services locator)
  • Existing eaves, ridgelines, windows and adjoining building setbacks, trees, garden beds
  • Road features, kerbs, footpaths, driveways, street signs, power poles, other road furniture
  • Service pits, drainage features, retaining walls, other structures

When to request a Contours, Levels and Detail Survey:

  • Site specific Architectural or building design and preparation of applications for Council
  • Subdivision design by surveyors and urban designers
  • Flood study and height certificates
  • Used to accompany Development, Operational Works and building proposal applications by Engineers, Town Planners or Architects at Council
  • Servicing and Engineering design for Development Operational Works, including road, drainage, sewerage, water, power, telecommunications, retaining walls and landscaping

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