Project management and project coordination

If the project manager appoints other consultants, the service is defined as project management. If the client appoints other consultants, the service is defined as project coordination. Either may be applicable dependent on the agreed terms of engagement with the client.


  • Project point of contact for consultants, contractors and authorities
  • Coordination of consultants; attend consultancy team meetings as client representative
  • Liaise with client and consultants on key activities and required milestones
  • Setting hold points in consultation with client and consultants
  • Monitoring of your project and the requirements of the Development Approval (DA) process
  • Communication of development matters that are considered necessary to maintain full engagement with the client

Definition of Project Management:

“Project management is the art of coordinating resources and directing unidisciplinary groups so that the components of work performed by each group accumulates into a multidisciplinary team effort which achieves the desired objectives (or contracted scope of work) on time and within budget.

Project management responsibilities are not reserved for the project manager, but are the proper function of all project supervisors. The project manager, together with his subordinate managers, can be thought to function as synergists. These managers are the supervisors who organize and integrate the team effort, thereby causing the end result to be of far greater value than the sum of the individual components of effort.”

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