Extension of Level, Contours & Detail Surveys

Site Analysis surveys are an extension of Levels and Details Surveys. They generally extended from between 10 – 50m+ beyond the immediate site to adjacent and opposite side of the street. There is more emphasis on adjoining site detail, street-scape, building setback, ridge, eave and window sill heights to consider privacy and overshadowing of the development site.

These are used by architects for proposed design and sometimes required by council for Town Planning and building applications.

Survey to locate levels and details subject to the client or consultants site specific needs or Scope of Works:

  • Extend survey to adjoining parcels and properties opposite the development site approximately 10 – 50m+
  • Locate existing buildings, land features on site and the adjoining properties or roads
  • Visible above ground services (Underground services can be plotted from existing records or by potholing or underground services locator)
  • Existing eaves, ridgelines, adjoining building setbacks, window sills and top windows for overlooking / privacy issues
  • Trees, garden beds
  • Road features, kerbs, footpaths, driveways, street signs, power poles, other road furniture
  • Service pits, drainage features, retaining walls, or other structures

When to request a Site Analysis or Contours, Levels and Detail Survey:

  • Site specific architectural or building design and preparation of applications for Council
  • Subdivision design by surveyors and urban designers
  • Flood study and height certificates
  • Used to accompany Development, Operational Works and building proposal applications by Engineers, Town Planners or Architects at Council
  • Servicing and Engineering design for Development Operational Works, including road, drainage, sewerage, water, power, telecommunications, retaining walls and landscaping.

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